5 Foods That Will Fill You Up For Less Than 150 calories

The type of Food you eat will determine how full you feel and if you keep eating Every hours you can’t literally lose the weight you desire, so today our discussion will be about the 5 Foods That Will Fill You Up For Less Than 150 Calories.

The lower the calories intake, the higher the chances of losing weight, these 5 Foods That Will Fill You Up and have very low calories and lower your crave for hunger.

A healthy diet can leave something to be desired in terms of satisfaction; even A Size salad topped with all the superfood add-ons can leave you feeling less ,But rather than reaching for the refined carbs in a moment of desperation, the following are the 5 Foods That Will Fill You Up For Less Than 150 calories.


Foods that contain high proteins like fish, eggs, can fill you up  and keep you satisfied, fish like salmon(Salmon is the common name for several species of ray-finned fish in the family Salmonidae) are added bonus.

Fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fats that we must get from food.

According to studies, omega-3 fatty acids may increase the feeling of fullness in people who are overweight or obese.

Fish have higher proteins than all other protein-rich foods, including eggs and beef. Fish actually had the second highest score of all the foods tested in a research carried out by the health department


Vegetables are also high-volume, low-calorie foods. They contain fiber and water, which adds bulk to your meals and helps fill you up.

A research Penn State found that women who ate salad before their pasta dish consumed less calories than women who did not eat salad before their pasta meal.

Moreover, vegetables take some time to chew and are very satisfying in that way.

Vegetables have 5-100 calories per cup.


Oatmeal is fairly low in calories and a great source of fiber, particularly a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. Oatmeal filling power comes from it’s high fiber content, these fiber can help you fill full and delay the emptiness of the stomach.

Eating oatmeal is one of the best foods for breakfast is very important, because it will help you stay fuller till lunch , which will lower your calories intake, oatmeal has 140 1/2 cups.

According to studies from Penn State, oatmeal is one of the 5 Foods That Will Fill You Up For Less Than 150 calories because of it’s high fiber content.


Fruit has a low energy density. It contains lots of fiber, which may slow down digestion and help you feel full for longer.

Apples score higher than any other Fruit in terms of satiety indexed of about 200.

You can add salad and eat with apple, this will be very satisfying, A Apple contains 100 calories.

5.Air Pop corn

We’re taking the air popped kind! With 31 calories per cup you can snack on 3 cups of this whole grain in one sitting.

Studies have found that popcorn is more filling than other popular snacks, like potato chips or chocolate.

Popcorn are the perfect mid-afternoon Snacks, With minimal calories and tons of fiber, you can Throw in a piece of fresh fruit or a glass of low-fat milk and you’ve got a perfect mini-meal.

Focusing on whole foods that fill you up with fewer calories may help you lose weight in the long run. You can also read more on Recommended Foods You Can Eat aLot Without Getting Fat

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